Amendment Backers Distribute 4,000 DVD's to Churches

The Family Research Institute of Wisconsin is distributing a DVD called “The Battle for Marriage in Wisconsin” to 4,000 churches. FRI is the lead organization backing the constitutional ban on civil unions and marriage.

I question whether every one of those 4,000 churches is willing to show this DVD, which undoubtedly traffics in fear and stereotypes about gay people. But the announcement about the DVD is a reminder that FRI and it supporters have built-in networks for communicating and mobilizing votes for November 2006.

We don't have the same kind of built-in networks (that gather in one place every week), but we do have unprecedented support from Christians. A number of religious groups representing churches throughout the state have passed resolutions against the amendment. These are listed on the Fair Wisconsin website.

This week, a representative of Christians for Equality told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "It seemed important to us that there were Christian voices calling for inclusion and fairness.” Christians for Equality continues to talk about the harms of discrimination to churches and clergy across Wisconsin.

Let’s hope even more Christian voices for inclusion and fairness will make themselves heard this year.

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