Creating Change

I’m in Oakland, CA Creating Change. I’m here with over a thousand people from around the country—and beyond—who are working in their own way to create change in LGBT issues.

I love that this gathering is called “Creating Change.” It is so active and fluid and so happening right now.

Sometimes it’s easy-- for me, anyway-- to get bogged down by the negative. But here, I'm reminded to celebrate and honor the positive. Because there’s a lot of it. And there’s a lot more to come.

In the last year, California’s legislature voted to end marriage discrimination. Massachusetts’ legislature killed a proposed anti-marriage constitutional amendment. Connecticut established civil unions. Maine and Illinois passed statewide nondiscrimination laws. And towns and cities across American added protections for its LGBT citizens. At least one large or small positive change has happened in every single state in this country.

Next year when I attend this conference, I already know that Wisconsin will have notably created change. Because we’re doing it right now. Whether or not we defeat the proposed ban on civil unions and marriage, we have started to pave the way to marriage equality and a host of other rights for LGBT people.

In the words of Matt Foreman at last night’s plenary session, “Change isn’t only possible, it’s inevitable.”



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