Fifty (50!) years together

Well, actually only 49.

Richard Taylor & Ray Vahey fell in love in 1956 and were closeted until this year when they felt compelled to come out and to oppose the amendment.

They're testifying right now. Says Ray:
... Furthermore, a civil marriage and all of the recognition, dignity, benefits, obligations and responsibilities that go with it should be rightfully ours.

Our taxes have been higher for 49 years, because we cannot file jointly; Richard couldn't get medical, dental, long term care or pension option from my last job; The survivor of us has no right to the other's Social Security; We are beneficiaries of our IRAs, but we cannot own them; Our estates will be taxed and higher rates.

Others in our community face attempts to deprive them of their jobs, their homes and even their children, or to prevent them from adoption. In thousands of ways our dignity is attached, and our very humanity and right to exist are questioned. As the old song goes, "They curse us just for being what we are."

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Thank you all so much for this service, especially the audio link!


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