Public Hearing on the Amendment next Tuesday

NOTE: The chairs of the Judiciary Committee set back the start of the hearing to 10am. Originally it was scheduled for 9am.

As many of us pack up the car to visit our friends and family for a Thanksgiving dinner, lawmakers officially reintroduced the amendment—now known as AJR67— that would ban civil unions and marriage for lesbian and gay couples. Not exactly something to be thankful for.

But I know that I can speak for everyone here in thanking you.

Last weekend, when we called on you to contact your lawmakers asking them not to co-sponsor the amendment, you sent out over 1,500 emails. Thank you. Every day we are thankful for the numerous volunteers, activists, and voices that are helping us defeat the amendment.

But folks, we’re just getting started.

On Tuesday, November 29, at 10am in Capitol Room 411, there will be a public hearing on the amendment.

This will be the last opportunity for us to tell lawmakers why we oppose the amendment. Our side needs to make a strong showing not only for the members of the Joint Judiciary Committee, but also for other lawmakers and media who shape voters’ impressions.

Fair Wisconsin and Center Advocates have reserved a gathering space in the Capitol, 2nd floor North Hearing Room. Please join us at 9:30 am for a quick briefing. Staff, volunteers, and other supportive faces will be available there all day. Childcare will be provided.

What to Expect:
  • When you arrive you can get information and updates in our gathering space.
  • REGISTER YOUR OPPOSITION. Whether you want to testify or not, be sure to sign in with the Judiciary Committee as being opposed to the amendment. Slips should be available outside the hearing room. Give these to an Action Wisconsin volunteer or the clerks who work for the Legislature.
  • Public Testimony might be limited by the committee. Show up as close to 9am as possible to get on the speakers list.
  • Stickers and Signs will be available in the hearing room and gathering space. Signs are not allowed in the hearing room but can be used outside the room or in the rotunda.
  • Etiquette: Even though we will hear hurtful and untrue information about our families, it’s important to demonstrate that we are dignified. It may not be fair, but lawmakers will eject people from the hearing room who talk out loud, boo, or clap during others’ testimony. They also have the power to shut down the hearing.
The day will culminate at 4pm when Reverend Curt Anderson from Christians for Equality will lead us in an interfaith vigil in the capitol rotunda.

If you can’t attend or can’t be there for the entire day, stay up-to-date here on our No on the Amendment blog.

In the mean time, enjoy your turkey. And you can thank the backers of the amendment for providing you with a topic for your dinner conversation.



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