Talk to Your Doctor

This weekend at Creating Change, board member Angie Nichols and I had the privilege of spending an hour with Kerry Lobel, former executive director of NGLTF and current principal of The Change Group.

Kerry offered a wealth of encouragement and advice, but there is one anecdote she shared that will stick with me:

The day after Kentucky passed their constitutional ban on civil unions and marriage, a woman who was fighting to stop the amendment went to the dentist in a rather dejected mood. When the hygienist asked why she was so down, the woman explained the ballot measure and how it had passed just the day before.

“Why didn’t you tell me this was going to be on the ballot?” exclaimed the hygienist. “I had no idea.”

The point is, if stopping the ban in Wisconsin is so important, we need to step out of our comfort zone right now to explain the rights of marriage and the harms of the amendment to our doctor, our hairdresser, our cousins, our coworkers, and even the person behind us in line at the grocery store.


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