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Senator Lena TaylorToday, as the legislature is likely to reintroduce the amendment that would ban civil unions and marriage for gay and lesbian couples in Wisconsin, Action Wisconsin asks Milwaukee Senator Lena Taylor why she believes we could be the first state to defeat one of these amendments at the ballot box. She answers:

We are the home of proud, progressive political traditions. For example, we were the first state in the union to give full and equal rights to women. Moreover in 1982, Wisconsin became the first state to outlaw discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Wisconsin has a proud history of expanding, not restricting, our citizens’ civil liberties.

I have to believe that we the descendents of such progressive trailblazers will not destroy the history and legacy of our state and the leaders who have gone before us.

Read the rest of the interview with Senator Taylor at Action Wisconsin's No on the Amendment web feature.



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