Votes Tuesday in Maine & Texas

On Tuesday, the voters of Maine will consider whether to repeal a statewide civil rights law, and the voters of Texas will consider a constitutional ban on civil unions and marriage. Maine Won't Discriminate is the campaign fighting for equality there, and in Texas, it's No Nonsense in November.

Polls in Maine suggest a majority of voters do not want to repeal the law. In Texas, it is likely the constitutional amendment will pass, but we could do better than initially expected. Unlike with the Wisconsin vote in November 2006 when there will be major campaigns for Governor, Attorney General, and state Legislature, there is little else on the ballot in Texas on Tuesday. The margin depends on how many supporters our side can turn out to vote.

In Texas, it's been interesting to observe a mix of strategies for talking to voters. The Task Force helped produce TV commercials that spoke very directly and personally about the need for equal marriage rights. On the other hand, there's also been an effort to explain to voters that the sloppily-worded amendment could threaten the legality of existing marriages between opposite-sex couples.

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