Backers of Amendment Lose in Minnesota

In Minnesota, OutFront Minnesota has been working hard to defeat a constitutional ban on civil unions and marriage. The DFL-controlled state Senate has kept the amendment from moving forward, despite the antics of anti-equality senators like Michele Bachman (R-Stillwater).

Now, thanks to a recent special election, it's even less likely that the amendment will make it to the 2006 ballot. Voters in two races chose DFL senate candidates who oppose the amendment over Republicans who supported it. Minnesota Public Radio and Eleventh-Avenue-South have more.



At 8:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just spent a few days in Minneapolis over Christmas with my partner, and it was wonderful to see so much gay/lesbian and gay/lesbian couple visibility in downtown and uptown MSP. It made me realize how truly rare it is to see this kind of visibility (this level of open comfort with being a gay couple in public) in a city like Madison (not to mention anywhere else in WI). Madison likes to pride itself on its tolerance and openness, but I do think that we have a long way to go on this and that the WI legislature's psychopathic hostility toward gay people affects us in ways that we aren't always consciously aware of. Minnesota is showing us the way, and let's hope the prevailing political winds in 2006 are from the west and not the deep south.


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