Conservative Christian Opposes Civil Unions & Marriage Ban

Dean Mundy, who blogs at Musings of a Thoughtful Conservative, writes against the civil unions and marriage ban in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Mundy describes himself as a conservative, fundamentalist Christian who believes the Bible says marriage should be restricted to opposite-sex couples. He believes homosexuality is wrong, yet he also believes that gay people should have the same opportunities that heterosexuals have. He writes, "I believe that under our form of government, people should have equal protection under the law. This would include homosexuals."

Every day we find more people with diverse backgrounds who oppose the constitutional amendment. Thanks to Mundy for speaking out publicy and showing that not everyone who believes homosexuality is wrong thinks that belief should be made the law of the land.



At 8:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Separation of church and state. Why shouldn't Christians, even fundamentalists, believe in equal protection under the law? It's really a no-brainer if you believe in basic constitutional principles. But thanks go to Mundy for voicing this and to you all for posting the link.


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