Debunk the Junk

Over at folkbum's rambles and rants, Jay Bullock posted two great entries about the proposed ban on civil unions and marriage. He does a darn good job of debunking some of the arguments in favor of the ban, and provides many links out to other bloggers' discussions on the topic.

In Part One Bullock argues against the ever-popular, "God said that homosexuality is wrong" and "Homosexual marriage will destroy traditional marriage."

And in Part Two he talks back to Cooler Near the Lake's two posts, It's the benefits, stupid, and It's the benefits, stupid, II

At Fair Wisconsin, we have our own answers to some of those common questions and arguments about marriage at our Marriage Equality Center. No "part one" or "part two" like everyone else seems to be doing, but you might visit Freedom to Marry if you want more.

Their Marriage 101 resource provides the History & Timeline of the marriage equality movement, information on the difference between marriage and civil unions, and oodles of news, links and resources about why marriage matters.



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