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There's a woman in Green Bay who has been working very hard to fight the amendment. This woman is not gay herself. In fact, years ago, she was a card-carrying member of the Family Research Council. She once told me she used to go to the public library, find the books on homosexuality, and hide them between shelves so people wouldn't be "tempted" by information. But then she had a transformation and is now an active advocate of equality for LGBT people, especially young people.

She's been listening to the debate today and sent an email to some of the people in Green Bay who have been working to fight the amendment:
Not only did Senator Dave Hansen say he'll vote AGAINST the amendment, I just heard him say, 'THE YOUNG PEOPLE OF THE STATE DID IT!'

I'm so happy, I'd kiss him if he were here.

Now I have to figure out how to stop crying before I get back to work...

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At 1:44 PM, Anonymous Carol Berglund said...

Thank you for letting my partner and I know what is happening. I grew up in Green Bay and graduated from UWGB in the same class as Dave Hansen. My partner and I went to talk to him at the Action Wisconsin thing earlier this year and I have e-mailed him about this and the fact that my relatives in GB love my partner and I. We are very grateful that he changed his mind on this. Still the attitude of the Republicans makes me cry! Why don't they get how cruel they are being?


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