Gas Tax, Hidden Guns, & Then Amendment

The Senate is still going, and they're likely far from consideration of the civil unions and marriage ban. They're still debating a proposal to end automatic indexing of a gas tax. Scheduled after that is the concealed carry measure. Only after these two controversial bills are senators expected to take up the amendment.

Here's some speculation I've been hearing about how all of this is playing out:
  • Republican lawmakers had been expected to bring up the amendment again next year--not this December. Why did they move it forward now? Because our side keeps changing hearts and minds, and Republican leaders know they will start to lose some of their votes in the Legislature. We win when people have time to take a close look and hear the stories of people who are affected by discriminatory treatment.

  • Not only did the Republican leadership schedule all the controversial stuff today, but they also scheduled the amendment for last. This helps them bury the amendment story in the media, so it either totally misses the evening news casts or the other issues make the headlines instead. Republican political operatives definitely want a certain part of their base to know about their position on this amendment, but they don't necessarily want moderate folks to know. (Don't worry: the No on the Amendment campaign will make sure all reasonable, fair-minded people--Republican and Democrat alike--know what's up with this amendment and which lawmakers supported it.)
Just sharing some of the latest scuttlebutt.



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