Good People Speaking Out All Over Wisconsin

Speaking of Senator Dale Schultz and his constituents....Jeanie Lewis, an editor with the Mineral Point Democrat Tribune, weighs in against the amendment. Lewis is in her late 70's, lives on a farm outside of Mineral Point, and will be retiring from the paper next year. Here's her Dec. 15, 2005 opinion piece:
I have a strong tendency to see the positive, the good in all people, and I’m happy to admit it. I also usually stay out of the political arena while working, as I feel a community newspaper belongs to EVERYONE.

However, this business of the legislature being tangled up in the proposed constitutional amendment of banning same-sex marriage and civil unions has made my blood boil on more than one occasion. It has also made my heart ache when I’ve heard how cruel words have crushed the spirit of people who want nothing more than rights most of us take for granted, which might include a tax break, health insurance, and an acknowledged appreciation for the person you are.

When I heard the ‘good christians’ with their horrible name calling at the Capitol last week what came to my mind was how can one throw stones at people they don’t even know personally? And what about the untrue allegations? I have only one question for them and our legislators. Who do you think gay people are?

Did they just appear on our planet so someone can throw stones at them--can judge them--can attempt taking away freedoms most of us think are not only man-given but God-given as well? From my point of view--we are all in this world together and we’d better learn to get along.

I’ve been telling people that when I hear these words and actions I almost feel like someone is hitting me. I’m used to being in Mineral Point where 'love thy neighbor' is taken seriously.
The Mineral Point paper is not online, but this excerpt was sent by Coleman, who has been doing great work with the other folks at Grassroots Citizens of Wisconsin. We cosponsored a speakers training together in Dodgeville earlier this year. They also have a new website all about the amendment. Thanks, Coleman, Sandee, and everyone else for your passion and efforts to inform voters in southwestern Wisconsin about this issue.



At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just for the record Jeanie Lewis is NOT on her late 70's .shes in her 60's ,my question to you is if you are using her opinions for YOUR cause the least you should do is get your facts right,starting with authors you want to quote


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