GOP Senators Shoot Down Limits on Amendment

Republican senators continue to reject Senator Carpenter's amendments that would limit the scope of the amendment.

I have to rewind a moment. When I heard Senator Hansen speak against the amendment, I couldn't help but break into tears. It's so clear to me that every day we have to talk to people about the injustice of this amendment, people move in our direction. I am utterly moved by Senator Hansen's step forward and by all those people in and around Green Bay who have been working so hard to talk to him and thousands of their friends and neighbors.

Over a year ago, we held our first-ever speakers training in Green Bay. We worried it would be a small turnout--maybe 30 people--but we chose Green Bay in part because we knew we had to start reaching out to thousands of voters there. 65 people showed up for our three-hour training to learn about the amendment. Half of those people were not gay. One woman brought her mother and two sisters, and another woman brought her 74-year-old father. Those people then fanned out into their communities to talk about this amendment.

They made a huge difference today. And from here we will only change more hearts and minds.

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At 12:46 PM, Anonymous Kent Walker said...

You are right that Hanson's words and change is touching. However, it really hurts me to hear the Sponsor of this proposed amendment strike down all of Carpenters protections for same-gender unions. They really hate us don't they? Well, together we can and WILL change that. It would be so satisfactory on Nov 8 to walk into our Capital and say "Congrats on your loss." Let's keep that in mind.

At 2:18 PM, Anonymous WJM said...

I wonder sometimes about whether we're actually 'hated' by people like that...or, do they just not 'know' us or anyone 'like' us? To those of you who make good people feel like they're hated: We're your sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, grandchildren and friends. We are human. I dare you to spend a week with us, or just 30 minutes. I promise, you will not hate us after that.


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