Madison Ranked in the Top 50 Gay Friendly Cities

So says the Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau and Gregory A. Kompes, author of the new book, "50 Fabulous Gay-Friendly Places to Live."

Madison made the list by demonstrating that it boasts "gay-positive local politics, a dynamic gay community with well-sponsored events, fun nightlife and positive gay outreach programs."

I'd have to agree.

But I couldn't say it better than Xoff does in his blog today:
Of course, there's that little piece of nastiness called a constitutional amendment that will be on the ballot next year, which could change that ranking. Gays and lesbians won't feel quite as welcome if the citizens of Wisconsin vote to take away their rights to be treated with respect as couples. They can't marry now in Wisconsin, but we don't rub their noses in it -- or restrict other recognition of longterm partnerships.

Passage of that amendment will be a clear message that gays are not welcome here, unless they don't mind being treated as second class citizens. That would be a big step backward.



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