Meeting with Senator Darling

Meeting with Sen. Darling
Yesterday morning, Senator Alberta Darling’s office called Center Advocates to express her willingness to discuss the amendment with constituents.

Within just four hours, an astounding fifty constituents took time out of work and busy schedules to meet with the senator and ask her to vote No on the Amendment.

Patrick Flaherty of Center Advocates had this to say last night in an email:

When I walked into the room I thought it was the wrong place, as there were already 15 people. By the time the meeting started it was standing room only. People cried giving their testimony, ministers scolded her. People begged her.

I am usually more succinct, but it was so mind-blowing the intensity of the constituent feeling there … that I am still in awe.



At 1:51 PM, Anonymous Kent Walker said...

So what did she have to say? Is she for it, against it or undecided?

At 3:43 PM, Anonymous Patrick Flaherty said...

She said that she didn't want to raise hopes and that she planned to vote for it. She wished she didn't have to vote on it.


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