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Jay Bullock keeps it going with two more excellent posts about the civil unions and marriage ban.

This time he responds directly to the cosponsor of the amendment, Senator Scott Fitzgerald.

As a guest blogger for Boots and Sabers, Fitzgerald wrote that the Constitutional Amendment is the only way to defend Wisconsin law from out-of-state judges.

Read part three of Bullock's debunking crusade, and his day-later follow-up in which he begs the question of Senator Fitzgerald, "what's more important to you, protecting marriage, or the political advantage to Republicans of having this amendment share the ballot with the governor's race?"



At 6:19 PM, Anonymous Jay said...

Here is the link to Fitzgerald's editorial at Boots and Sabers

They are allowing comments at the end of it. If you feel strongly on this issue, please post to let Wisconsin voters know why this is a bad amendment for our state.


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