Nearing SJR 53?

The Senate seems to be moving more quickly now, and they're working on the concealed carry bill. We could be up soon. You can follow along here. Join us at the Capitol if you can. Normally, if the Legislature is still in session late at night, you can enter the door on the ground floor on the West Washington side.

The record from last Tuesday's Joint Judiciary Committee hearing is now online. You can see who testified and who registered against or for the amendment. I haven't had time to review it myself, but apparently the total number of registered opponents of the amendment outnumbered amendment backers by 2-1.


At 8:16 PM, Anonymous Dan said...

Don't quote me on these...counts I got using Excel on the records, and not correcting some apparent mistakes in the committee's records (the Chair of the Committee, Sen. Zien, said there were 675 people registered one way or another, after which only 3 more people testified (all against). The total here is 666 (wonder what some folks will make of that?!). I encourage people to check 'em out on their own. Are you on the list (and on the right side??)? But good going, folks!

Appearances For 53
Registrations For 108
Total For 161

Appearances Against 95
Registrations Against 410
Total Against 505

Against/For Ratio (505/161)= 3.14

At 4:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There must be some significance to the proposed placement of the amendment, too: the 13th subsection of the 13th article!


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