Open Season on Gays?

The Wisconsin Radio Network reports that "State Senator Dave Hansen says he's disturbed by a message calling for 'an open season' on gays."

The Senator from Green Bay, who as of yesterday has not made up his mind on how he would vote today said, "People will have an opportunity in November to vote on it (in a statewide referendum), but I wish they'd take a look at this very closely, because it's not as simple as one side is making it out to be."

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At 10:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this man's comment is a sad indication of the fear and misinformation out there working against the truth of gay and equal civil rights. this man's unfortunate lack of understanding and belief about "queer marriages" is a clear illustration of the myths and disbeliefs in our state surrounding marrriage equality here in wisconsin..

we need to continue to educate the media and all people on the civil connection between government, marriage and tax-paying gay americans. the faux christian hater crowd opinion of us means nothing. and their lack of understanding of gay sexual orientation and lgbt culture means nothing.

its pretty obvious that this caller doesn't realize gay americans have affirming religious institutions which provide religious unions and marriages. the religious unions are not the obstacle of several decades ago( thanks to gay rights activists of the sixties, seventies and beyond)... we now need to get our government, partly funded by tax-paying gay americans, to validate our unions and marriages and make them civil. ie. civil unions and marriages....we are not attempting to redefine marriage into aything different or odd at all..its just plain old-fashioned marriage....or marriage equality.

we've got to stay focused and continue to educate people on this civil rights, civil marriage and unions issue.


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