World War II Vet & Partner of 49 Years Come Out to Fight Amendment

We told you a little about them last week after they testified at Tuesday's hearing. This Sunday, Richard Taylor and Ray Vahey told their story in the Wisconsin State Journal:
Richard and I met and fell in love in 1956. For 49 years, we have yearned for a marriage recognized in America. Yet until this year, we had never come out in a public way. We decided this cause is not only worth it to us but to millions of others.


When Richard was 17 years old, he voluntarily enlisted in the Navy. He served on a tanker in the North Atlantic and later, in the Mediterranean during the Operation Torch invasion of North Africa. His ship was then transferred to the Pacific, where they fueled a Cruiser while it was bombarding Mount Suribachi. They were then sent to Okinawa, where they came under kamikaze attack, an event depicted in the painting of the Battleship Wisconsin in our state Capitol.

Richard needs no lectures on patriotism or values.
Read the full op-ed here. The State Journal ran a counterpoint by state Senator Scott Fitzgerald next to Richard and Ray'es piece. Compared to their personal story, Fitzgerald's "the sky is falling" and "Massachusetts forced this on us" arguments are especially uninspiring.



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