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A Red Guy in a Blue State is a Catholic, an eloquent writer, and has something to say about marriage for gay and lesbian couples.

In his post, he addresses Bob Hall’s letter in The Advocate, and then states his own argument: that Catholics can support marriage for lesbian and gay couples in good conscience.

Clearly, Red Guy has spent a great deal of time thinking about this issue. His arguments for marriage equality-- which he directs primarily to his fellow Catholic readers-- are philosophical and reflective. Among other things, he discusses the need to recognize the distinction between the Sacrament of Marriage and the marital contract, equal protection under the law, and economic justice.

While not from Wisconsin, Red Guy raises points that Catholics in Wisconsin may consider. Our “No on the Amendment” campaign has support from a whole host of religious leaders, congregations, and councils representing over 500,000 congregants. But in order to defeat the amendment, we will need Catholics to step forward and speak out.

Even if our Catholic allies feel they can’t come out in favor of full marriage equality, they can oppose this amendment simply because of the second sentence of the proposed amendment which would ban civil unions, domestic partnerships, and possibly take away legal protections gay and lesbian couples have worked hard to secure.

Jesus said that the greatest commandment is, “You shall love the Lord your God…” The second is “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

Gay and lesbian people are our neighbors.

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At 5:36 PM, Anonymous Keith said...

Thanks, Ingrid, for this posting. I am glad that I am not the only conservative Catholic out there who feels that there is a strong moral requirement to favor legal recognition of all families.

Last week's encyclical from Pope Benedict, "Deus Caritas Est (God Is Love)," should be a must read for everyone. It is nothing short of relevant to our cause, on two counts.

(1) His Holiness makes a 30 page argument in favor of the sanctity of erotic love. In the course of his discussion, he quotes extensively from the classics, including Virgil's Bucolics. Although it may be lost on the casual reader, the quote is amazing on account that it was refering quite explicitly to the beauty of erotic love between men.

(2) Benedict also draws the line about the Church's role in politics. The Church must be involved in political issues, but always with the intent of solidarity with those who suffer. Although he fails to give specifics, one can easily infer that No On The Amendment is clearly being on the side of the widows and orphans who would suffer should our legal contracts be rendered invalid.

I am actually quite angry by the negative publicity that the gay rights movement gave to this encyclical last week. "One more example of Vatican hypocracy," wrote Gay365. Rather than take the hand that is reaching out to us, we slap it. Shame on us!

Does Action Wisconsin have anyone working with the Wisconsin Catholic Conference? We should grab the opportunity, and grab it now! Archbishop Dolan was asked about the amendment a few weeks ago. He seemed a bit surprised by the question, made a quick negative comment about 1 man + 1 woman, and changed the subject. If given the chance to think more seriously, and to read the pope's beautiful words, and to hear a call partner with us, his help could be a real boon to us.

-- Keith Wildenberg, Milwaukee.


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