Conservative Republican Opposes Amendment

Bob Hall is a former Massachusetts state senator and current Wisconsin resident. And he's a very conservative Republican. He’s a staunch supporter of the war in Iraq, the death penalty, and guns, and he worked hard to defeat John Kerry in the last election. He even admits that “to the average Progressive Dane voter, I’m a fascist pig.”

But he also opposes the proposed ban on civil unions and marriage.

Today in the national gay and lesbian magazine The Advocate, he brazenly explains why.
Trust me, no true heterosexual wakes up and thinks, Hey, I’m really angry with my partner. I think I’ll try dating someone from my own gender from now on. So who has destroyed traditional marriage in America?

How about men—and increasingly women—abusing their spouses? How about the heterosexual trend toward infidelity, led by the example of our highest elected leaders? How about men fathering and then abandoning children to poverty and state support? How about a large number of straight people deciding serial marriage and divorce is a cool lifestyle?

Doing something about those trends would really protect marriage.

Every day we hear from more people from a variety of beliefs and backgrounds who, like Hall, do not want to see discrimination in the constitution and who understand that gay and lesbian couples deserve equal protections. Thanks for speaking out.




At 5:09 PM, Anonymous Keith said...

Thanks again, Ingrid, for the reminder that it is CONSERVATIVES that are going to be key to winning our fight in November.

Talk about "gay marriage" and "civil unions" and "fairness" and "rights" and "love" isn't going to win it for us, because that's preaching to the choir.

Instead, like Hall, we need to talk about how this amendment is about DESTROYING VALUES: "The Constitution", "security", "property rights", "family values."

Really, from a conservative and Republican perspective, there are not grounds for this amendment.

What are we doing at Action Wisconsin to work with the State Republican party? Hall is based in Madison now. What's he doing? Is he working with us? Is he calling in favors with fellow conservatives?

-- Keith Wildenberg, Milwaukee.

At 1:02 PM, Blogger Ingrid Ankerson said...

As far as getting the State Republican party on board, we have been working with constituents throughout the state to talk to their representatives about the harms of the amendment and ask them to vote no. (Which you can do here:

However, the Assembly will be voting on this amendment any day, and although we're working hard to stop the ban in the legislature, in all likelihood it will go to voters in November 2006.

You're right that conservatives can help us win the fight, but I think we should also continue to "preach to the choir" because we need every single member of that choir to actually get out and cast their vote. Not everyone is aware that the amendment will likely be on the ballot.

And besides, it doesn't matter how many people are on our side if they don't vote.

As far as what Hall is doing, do help with the fight... he's already done something invaluable. He’s made is voice public. Writing to the editor of a paper is something everyone can do, and it is something that definitely can make a difference in this campaign.


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