An Early Plug For a "No"

Jim Stingl at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes "Let's keep Wisconsin tolerant in 2006."

Stingl, who says that "for a straight guy, I certainly had a gay New Year's weekend, seeing not only 'Brokeback Mountain' at the movies but also 'Naked Boys Singing,' the musical revue the cops tried to shut down at the Milwaukee Gay Arts Center," writes about a conversation he had with Senator Dave Hansen.

Sen. Hansen (D-Green Bay), as you may remember, voted for the amendment at the first senate vote, but after listening to his constituents and careful consideration, changed his vote to "no" at last month's floor vote.




At 8:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sen. Hansen's shift was much appreciated, and his speech on the Senate floor inspiring, and thanks also go to AW for its efforts to educate him on the consequences of the amendment.

And for those Repub Senators in split districts who voted lock-step with their party platform of hatred and fear (Sen. Darling, Sen. Brown), I'm hoping there will be real political consequences.


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