Equality: Spread the word

As one of Action Wisconsin's Outreach Coordinators one of my primary tasks is to help spread the word about the constitutional ban on civil unions and marriage for same-sex couples in Wisconsin. I've been present at countless phone banks where we've talked to thousands of Wisconsinites about the amendment--many of whom didn't even know the amendment existed. My experience with my own family has been similar. I can't tell you how many of my relatives weren't even aware that this amendment was out there, not to mention the horrible effects it could have.

If there is one single thing that Wisconsinites who want to defeat this amendment can do to help it is this: tell everyone you know about it. The power of personal conversations, especially when coming from a familiar person, can be staggering. I encourage all of you to help us win this fight by talking to your family, friends, and neighbors about this amendment and the ways in which it will hurt real Wisconsin families by taking away health insurance, retirement benefits, bereavement leave, etc. This amendment is NOT about "protecting marriage" or any of the other claims used by our opposition. I have not once been shown how two men or two women who love each other and want to get married are a threat to anyone. But this amendment isn't even just about marriage, it would also do away with legal statuses "substantially similar to marriage" which could include civil unions, domestic partner benefits, and essentially any other benefit currently awarded to same-sex couples simply because of the fact that they aren't heterosexual. Defining gay and lesbian Wisconsinites as second-class citizens in our state constitution isn't fair and it won't help to save anybody else's marriage. I think that most people in our state will see through the rhetoric of our opposition, but in case they don't, please help defend equality by spreading the word.



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