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No on the Amendment folksIt's about time you hear from some of the other people involved in the campaign to defeat the ban on civil unions and marriage. Goodness knows, Josh, Lindsey, and I aren't the only ones working on it.

Next week, we’re turning “Wisconsin's No on the Amendment” over to four staffers for their chance to blog about the work that they do.

Patrick Flaherty and Deon Young will be writing from Milwaukee Center Advocates. Patrick is the director of community relations, and Deon works as the field specialist. They'll be sharing stories from Milwaukee and their respective posts, while Pabitra Benjamin and Justin Sweet will write about the work they're doing from Fair Wisconsin's Madison offices. Pabitra (who worked at Milwaukee Center Advocates before joining the staff of AW) is the south central field organizer, and Justin Sweet is our grassroots outreach coordinator.

Hopefully these four-- and others working tirelessly on the "no" campaign -- will offer their stories, insight, victories, and frustrations throughout the months leading up to the November 2006 election.


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