Spotlight on Deon Young

Deon YoungDeon is the Field Organizer at Center Advocates in Milwaukee and is an integral part of the campaign to defeat the amendment. He has also started blogging here at "No on the Amendment," and will start writing more often as the campaign heats up.

Currently he is "Spotlighted" on the amendment web feature on Action Wisconsin's website, and has this to say about working on the campaign:

I feel that the most positive experience I have had while working on defeating this amendment is watching people become aware of the issue and come out to speak against it. I also love the fact that our community is fired up about this and are up for doing what we need to do to stop the ban. I love the fact that this is the first job that I am excited about and can see myself doing for a while. Finally, I honestly love the fact that Wisconsin will be the first state to come out and defeat a constitutional amendment.
Read the full interview here.



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