United Church of Christ Phone Bank

Last evening a group from First Congregational UCC in Madison came to Action Wisconsin to help us spread the word about the constitutional ban on civil unions and marriage. These highly-motivated volunteers helped us to identify almost 100 voters opposed to the amendment, several of whom said they would be willing to volunteer as well. They also wrote letters to undecided voters explaining why the amendment is hurtful and wrong.

First Congregational UCC has agreed to sponsor a phone bank every month between now and November to help get the word out and to identify allied voters. Several other local UCC congregations have also signed on to sponsor phone banks, including Orchard Ridge UCC, Community of Hope UCC, and almost a dozen others.

With the help of churches like these Action Wisconsin and other groups are working to spread the message that the constitutional amendment goes too far by banning civil unions and domestic partnerships, and that the amendment hurts real Wisconsin families by denying partners the option to share health or retirement benefits.



At 3:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good FOR FIRST CONGREGATIONAL! More churches should get involved.


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