About Tomorrow

A lot of you have been calling and emailing to get more details on tomorrow’s Assembly vote on the ban—officially referred to as Assembly Joint Resolution (AJR) 67.

We won’t know what time they will vote, but you can see on this Assembly calendar that it’s the eleventh item on the agenda. By my best guess, it will come up for vote early in the afternoon, but just know that the last time the Assembly voted, the debate didn’t start until the evening and it went late into the night.

Check the blog often tomorrow, as I will post an entry as soon as I know when they are brining it up for vote.

We’ll live blog the day, just as we did for the Senate vote, but if you are in or around Madison, I really hope you can be there in the Assembly Gallery (just ask at the information desk where that is) while they debate the issue. It is so important for the Legislators to see the faces of those who the civil unions and marriage ban will directly affect. Plus, it is going to be a long, hard day tomorrow, and it's nice to have others at your side--and to be at the side of others--when the vote happens.

Stay tuned.


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