Editorial For Equality

The Wisconsin State Journal is right on in stating that “marriage benefits should be for all.”

Today's editorial argues for full marriage equality, and uses the study by Action Wisconsin and the Human Rights Campaign that outlines the nearly 200 legal benefits and protections guaranteed by marriage in Wisconsin to state the case.
Under Wisconsin law, a married couple has nearly 200 legal benefits and protections; under federal law, an additional 1,138, according to a recent report by Action Wisconsin and the Human Rights Campaign.

For instance, married people can:
  • Receive the medical records of a spouse.
  • Seek worker's compensation claims if a spouse dies.
  • Avoid a state fee after transferring real estate between spouses.
  • Claim separate personal tax exemptions.
  • For eligible state employees, purchase long-term care insurance for a spouse.
The many benefits and protections married people enjoy extend to most facets of life. It is discriminatory and demeaning not to offer them to some of our citizens on the sole basis of sexuality.
The editorial then goes on to make a strong case against the civil unions and marriage ban, reminding readers that the amendment is about much more than marriage for gay and lesbian couples:
The change would make it much tougher for gay marriage to become a reality in Wisconsin. And it would forbid civil unions, which are supported by a majority of state residents.

An unmarried couple, whether gay or straight, would not be able to gain "a legal status identical or substantially similar to that of a marriage," under the amendment.

Such a ban could even jeopardize domestic-partner benefits, which many Wisconsin employers offer to be fair and to help their bottom lines by attracting talented employees.
Read the full editorial here.

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