Leaders of Color Meet to Discuss Amendment

On Wednesday over 30 local leaders in the city of convened to hash out and discuss issues with the amendment and reaching out to people of color (POC) communities across the state.

In the meeting we discussed several things, such as the barriers of bringing the amendment into POC communities, talking with people of faith, and presenting this as a civil rights issue.

In the instance of talking about the constitutional ban as a threat to our civil rights and liberties, there was a difference in opinions among the participants on how we bring that message into POC communities. But ultimately, we agreed that that this is an issue of fairness. We are not reclaiming or redefining the historic Civil Rights Movement. Opposition to re-writing our constitution is just another level of protecting civil rights for everyone.

The group also brainstormed on the potential consequences that could occur if the amendment passes. While local government domestic partnership benefits (such as the city of Milwaukee and Dane county) are at risk, we discussed the threat to economic development, talent and representation of diversity in the workplace of local businesses. It was clear that representation of LGBT folks in local businesses was something the participants found very important.

There will be a few other POC discussion and trainings to come in the Milwaukee and Madison area in the future so, please be on the look out. If anyone is interested in participating, let me know.

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