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Newspapers and television and radio stations across the state are covering the civil unions and marriage ban from a number of different angles.

The Capital Times writes about how the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups are concerned that the ban could impact cohabitating seniors.
Thousands of older people are in committed relationships but unmarried for financial reasons, the organization pointed out in a memo to legislators asking that they consider this issue when voting on the amendment Tuesday.

"We fear consequences for older unmarried couples that were not intended and, possibly, not taken into consideration in developing the language of the amendment," Tom Frazier of CWAG said in the memo.
The Wisconsin State Journal’s article about the ban is being picked up by a number of papers around the state. The article features a Madison lesbian couple with children, who fear losing their domestic partner health benefits should the ban pass.
But both Madison city attorney Michael May and Dane County officials have already said they fear they won't be able to keep offering the benefits if the amendment passes, and that has O'Donnell and her family frightened.

The couple have to pay taxes on the insurance benefit and must pay Mache's insurance premiums first and then be reimbursed by the city - something of a headache, O'Donnell said.

But the insurance serves a vital need for Mache, who has had trouble affording good insurance as a small-business owner. It also helps the couple's 6-year-old son, Jack, and 3- year-old twins, Tess and Maddie, by letting Mache keep her flexible work hours, O'Donnell said.
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel weighs in with an editorial arguing that "there is not a demonstrably valid reason" for the civil unions and marriage ban.

And Channel 3000 in Madison, which ran a three-part series on the ban had this to say:
We ask you to ask yourselves on Tuesday if your life here in Wisconsin is better. Are you safer? Are your healthier? Are you smarter? Do you have a better job or better pay? Has the decision by your elected officials to approve a constitutional amendment that does nothing more than promote hatred and intolerance had any beneficial influence on your lives whatsoever?

Then why is it happening? So lawmakers have a campaign issue in November. You see being reelected is more important than human dignity, justice and civil rights. You will have a chance to this November to expose these elected officials for the hypocrites they are. We dearly hope you will.


At 3:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10:16 PM, Anonymous Kent Walker said...

So many people just assume that this is a "choice" issue. I DID NOT CHOOSE TO BE GAY. I don't expect special treatment. Let me live and have the SAME rights that everyone else does. Is that too much to ask of our "most wonderful country"?

It is easy to discriminate when you are in the comfortable majority.


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