Outreaching to the African American Community

Wednesday February 1st, was the kick-off for the Milwaukee “No” on the Amendment Coalition’s African American Outreach Committee.

Several individuals, including the Center Advocates' Board President Jamin Mahan and Denise Crumble, an active ally and vocal leader in the community, attended. The basic purpose of this committee is to gain and keep votes in the African American community in the fight to defeat the constitutional ban on civil unions and marriage by engaging more leaders in this community.

“Not everyone who is upset about this amendment or disagrees with it, is gay,” said Denise Crumble. “We need to be focusing more on the homophobia in the black community before we can start engaging them on this issue.”

Throughout the campaign, community leaders in Milwaukee will be having deep conversations, both personal and professional, with other African American leaders.

If anyone out there is interested in becoming a part of the No on the Amendment Coalition and the African American Outreach Committee, please shoot me an email: dyoung@mkelgbt.org.



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