Procter & Gamble Rep. on the Value of Diversity

Today's Green Bay Press-Gazette continues the series of guest columns on diversity in northeastern Wisconsin. Mark Cacciatore, the human resources manager for Procter & Gamble's Green Bay plant writes:
We are committed to be among the best places to work for all people so that we can attract and retain the diversity of culture and diversity of thought that will allow our company to succeed and grow in the global economy.

This begins with a foundational principle: Respect for the individual. The productivity of our business is diminished, as is the productivity of our community, when we fail to create an environment in which all people, with their individual diversity, can thrive and grow.

Diversity is the individuality that we each posssess. It goes beyond physical differences such as race, gender and age, and includes differences such as nationality, cultural heritage, sexual orientation, disability and personal background and experience. By tapping into the talents of each individual in pursuit of a common goal, we create a competitive advantage.
Procter & Gamble is one of the many Wisconsin companies that offer domestic partner health insurance to attract diverse and talented employees. Action Wisconsin maintains a list of such companies on our Domestic Partner Benefits resource page.

The proposed civil unions and marriage ban could counteract the efforts of companies like Procter & Gamble to draw from the widest pool of talented workers by marring our reputation as a state that values diversity. A few weeks ago, Richard Florida made this point when he was here.

For the full op-ed in today's Green Bay Press-Gazette, click here.

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