Rockin' it in Rock County

We were both in turtlenecks. For January, it was extraordinarily warm—no long underwear required. Yesterday, Ingrid and I packed up our boxes of materials and drove south to Janesville for a Training to Stop the Amendment.

We found a very energetic group of community members, students, and church-goers in Rock County. Over 30 people had helped plan the training, and their hard work was obvious in the turn-out. On average, each person brought a friend or family member, which gave us a lovely crowd of 60.

Ingrid and I met people who attend local ELCA, Methodist, Quaker and UCC congregations in Rock County. Together, we discussed how to best outreach to area civic organizations and other leaders about how the amendment will harm real people who live in Janesville, Beloit, and throughout Wisconsin.

Two of those people were participants Amie and Liz. This couple was recently interviewed in the Janesville Gazette about how the amendment will affect their family. Before the training, various people came up to the couple to thank them for their courage in speaking out about their lives.

Liz and Amie said that while they had hesitations about doing the interview in the paper, and Liz’s mother warned them that someone would throw a brick through their window, they have received in the past few weeks many positive responses. Liz told me about a woman who she hadn’t seen in two years who approached her in the supermarket. She had seen the article and told Liz that she was 100% behind them, and thanked the couple for being outspoken for equality.

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Nice going Lindsey and Ingrid!


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