Spotlight on Board Member Francie Ball

Francie Ball is on Action Wisconsin's board of directors and is an active member of LAXAN, the La Crosse Area Action Network. She also helped found the Seven Rivers LGBT Resource Center and has participated in GALAXY (Gay Alliance of La Crosse Area Youth) and LLN, which is one of the longest-lived lesbian newsletters in the country.

Currently, she's featured in our "Spotlight On," where she shares this experience she had while working to fight the amendment:
My favorite encounter was with a businessman who has extremely conservative religious beliefs. After our conversation, he was concerned enough about the amendment that he did some more research. He then came back to me and said, “The second sentence of the amendment is so vague as to be dangerous,” and he made a donation to Action Wisconsin. Over and over I see that when people understand the amendment, overwhelmingly they oppose it.

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