There's Still Time

There isn't much time, but you can still write to your Assembly person to Vote No on Tuesday when they vote on the civil unions and marriage ban.

Find out who your Assembly rep is, and see how he or she voted last time. This will be the last vote in the Legislature-- if it passes on Tuesday, it will go to the statewide ballot in November.

We have this Vote No page set up to make it easy for you to contact your representative.

And if you've already taken action, please ask your friends to do the same.


At 3:35 PM, Anonymous Keith said...

Has Action Wisconsin compiled a list of the assemblyfolk who we should target? It's a steep task, to reverse a 70-29 vote. But have we got the names of the 21 minds that have the best chance of changing over the next few days?

At 4:35 PM, Blogger Ingrid Ankerson said...

A steep task indeed.

The best I can tell you is to check to see how your Assembly rep voted the last time. If they voted Yes, send a letter. If they weren't in office the last time the vote happened, send a letter. In fact, when in doubt, why not send a send a letter.


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