What does this Assembly Joint Resolution Do?

That's what Mark Pocan wants to know. Apparently, it will do more than prevent courts from imposing marriage equality from the bench.

Here's what Pocan is saying:

In other states, where they've passed Amendments similar to what we have here, people have lost their rights. In Michigan, a similar measure took away health benefits. In Ohio and Utah, state measures took away unmarried couple's protections in domestic violence laws.

The effects of these types of measures are real. Two hundred rights, benefits, and responsibilities are given to married couples. For example, death benefits, benefits within the legal system, transfer of property, and about 197 others.

If this passes, people will lose their health insurance and lose their access to domestic violence protections.

Marriage in Wisconsin means that if you're not gay, you can meet anyone, go to Las Vegas the next day, get married by Elvis in the Tunnel of Love. Apparently, that's what this amendment is trying to preserve.

What is this about? It's about discrimination.

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At 10:20 PM, Anonymous Kent Walker said...

Thanks Mark. Thanks for pointing out the hypocrasy of these folks. THANKS!

At 10:33 PM, Anonymous Kent Walker said...

Gee. I suppose a spell check would not have been unappreciated. :-)


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