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As we gear up for today's big moment, Wisconsin bloggers are weighing in on the debate.

Carrie Lynch has written several times about the ban at What's Left. In "Grandma and Her Boyfriend Could Be in Trouble," she focuses on the potential impact of the ban on unmarried seniors. She cites the position against the ban by the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups (CWAG).

Bill Christofferson, over at XoffFiles, has also been a consistent voice against the ban. Today, he writes about real people who will be impacted by the civil unions and marriage ban, including one of his friends:
Meet Bill Hetland, a friend of mine of almost 40 years, a journalist's journalist who left his positive mark on a number of Midwestern newspapers before changing careers and working in the addiction prevention field.

The story of Hetland and his longtime partner, Phil Anderson, is inspirational. It's a lesson in loving, caring and commitment.

As you read it, think about just what kind of threat it is that they pose -- and to whom.
Dan Cody, from Left on the Lake, alerts his readers to today's vote.
Despite what many on the other side of this issue are saying about their narrow view of 'morality' and how gay marriage 'hurts the family', this is nothing more than an attempt to halt the civil rights of a segment of the population. It's really that simple.
Paul Soglin, from Waxing America, talks about how important it will be to turn out voters under 40 "to beat these cynical extreme right wingers and elect some good, honorable people to the Wisconsin Legislature."

Over at In Effect, Seth Zlotocha writes that while he's a progressive liberal, he believes it's important to compromise on public policy issues. But not when it comes to discrimination. He cites his reasons, including this:
Many people may not think about it this way, we already have the institution of civil unions in Wisconsin—it’s called marriage. Marriage is a state institution, not a religious one. I don’t care where you physically get married, without a license from the State of Wisconsin (or some other state) that marriage is not legally recognized in this country.
Eye on Wisconsin also urges readers to contact lawmakers before the vote.



At 12:05 PM, Anonymous debbie said...

I've been thinking about you all at AW all morning -- you'll be in my thoughts and prayers all day. Keep your chins up, everyone -- you're fighting the good fight!

(I told you I'd keep my eye on you from Arizona. Wish I was there with you today.)

At 12:13 PM, Blogger Justin Sweet said...

Thank you and Happy Birthday Debbie! You didn't think that I'd forget did you?


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