Althouse: "You hypocrites!"

Just this week, ban supporter Julaine Appling told the Wisconsin State Journal she's "certain courts will uphold domestic partner benefits for [unmarried] couples."

Noted blogger and law professor Ann Althouse weighs in:
The second sentence goes beyond what is needed to satisfy traditionalists and takes a gratuitous swipe at benefits currently enjoyed by real families here in the state. I find it hard to believe that the decent, often religious citizens who think gay marriage is wrong will feel very good about the threat of depriving real individuals of insurance benefits. [ADDED: I'm referring to health insurance!] We will see these individuals in the TV ads, and the other side will be reduced to arguing that the language of the amendment doesn't really mean that. Trust us, they will say. Trust the courts to interpret the language of the amendment so that it won't mean the bad thing the gay rights groups are saying it will mean. You hypocrites! The argument for the amendment was that we can't trust the courts not to find rights for gay people in the unamended state constitution.
There's a lively discussion going on in her comments section for anyone who feels like jumping in.

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