But Now She Is Voting No.

The thing that really touched me tonight at the Fox Valley Fair Wisconsin Kick-Off was what happened as we left the library, boxes of materials in hand. A middle-aged woman with two middle school-aged children in tow stopped me and my co-worker. She asked if we were with that gay marriage thing in the library. When pulled aside and singled out, I sometimes get nervous. I’ve never had a bad incident, but I always wonder.

I told her yes, we were part of the kick-off against the ban on civil unions and marriage (it's a mouthful, I know). And then I held my breath, trying to read her face.

She nodded her head. She explained that maybe three or four years ago she would have voted yes. She doesn’t agree with homosexuality or with abortion. But now she is voting no. “It is not for me to decide.” She went on to ask "who am I to decide anything for someone else—whether it is in the bedroom or anywhere else? I’d be mad as hell if someone tried to tell me what to do. What right do I have to tell others what to do?"

Everywhere we go, we meet more fair-minded Wisconsinites against the constitutional ban on civil unions and marriage.

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