Focus on [Everybody Else's] Family Steps into MN Amendment Struggle

Focus on the Family is unhappy. Their nationwide agenda of passing constitutional bans on civil unions and marriage is running into road blocks in the Minnesota Senate.

So they've taken out ads targeting two senators who are refusing to get behind the proposed ban.

I haven't seen the ads, but they sound disturbing. They apparently equate the right of Iraqis to vote in democratic elections to the ability of state voters to vote on this constitutional ban. According to a release from Focus on the Family:
The ads spotlight Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Don Betzold and Majority Leader Dean Johnson as blocking a vote on the amendment by the full Senate, where it has more than enough support to be approved for an upcoming election ballot. The ads feature a young Iraqi woman holding up a purple-inked finger and bear the headline 'Iraqis have the right to vote. Why don't Minnesotans?'
Pretty dramatic stuff. I think it speaks for itself.

OutFront Minnesota is the group struggling to stop the civil unions and marriage ban there.

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