Last Event of Week in Stevens Point

For some time before the state Assembly vote, we had planned a three-hour community action training in Stevens Point for Saturday, March 11th. So, after our series of kick-off events around the state, Lindsey and I drove from Superior to Point on Saturday morning.

Thanks in part to interest from students at the United Council Building Unity conference, there were nearly 100 people at the training. Despite Lindsey and I being a bit tired from the long week, the energy in the room was almost exuberant--with tons of questions and laughter from the audience.

At least four people came up to me after the training to tell me that they felt inspired and hopeful about our chances of winning in November. People were full of ideas about all the community organizations and events at which they plan to discuss the ban. Many of the gay people there were astounded to have so many non-gay people gather to be a part of this effort.

Counting Stevens Point, we have now trained 623 volunteers since the Assembly vote to talk to friends, family, and community organizations about the ban. That means we now have 1457 trained community volunteers based in 15 Wisconsin cities and towns.

Thank you to every single person who made this past week such a success.

Here a few final pictures from the road trip--the Stevens Point training.



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