Media Covering La Crosse Kick Off

On hand to cover last night's kickoff event were WXOW TV and WKTB TV. WIZM New Radio previewed the event, and the La Crosse Tribune ran a great story that concludes this way:
Rachel Gundersen, a retired school psychologist with the La Crosse School District, said it has taken her and husband Cameron, a retired Gundersen Lutheran pediatrician, a long time to develop tolerance and enjoy diversity in La Crosse.

“Our marriage of nearly 55 years has never been threatened by people in other kinds of relationships,” she said.
The Eau Claire Leader Telegram also has a preview of tonight's kickoff event in the at the Christ Church Cathedral. (You probably need to register to view it.)

In non-event related media, the UW-Oshkosh's Advance Titan covers the coalition to thank Rep. Gregg Underheim for his "no" vote. A column in the Oconomowoc Focus talks about how the ban "propogates discrimination." And UW-Madison's Badger Herald takes an in-depth look at ways the ban would likely damage the UW system's ability to recruit and retain talent.

Also, a letter to the editor in the Burnett County Sentinel applauds a priest for speaking out against constitutional bans. One in the Capital Times talks about the ways the ban would discriminate against the author's good friends. And finally, one of my favorites, be sure not to miss this letter. It's written by 84-year-old Miles D. Duckert, a World War II veteran who talks about his fellow soldier, a gay man named William West who died on the battlefield. The author writes:
I am totally against the gay marriage amendment passed by the state Legislature. It not only bans gay marriage; it strips a whole class of people of rights and privileges they should have as citizens of Wisconsin.

Who are the people targeted by this bill? They are lawyers, doctors, police officers, firefighters, teachers, clergy and yes, legislators, not to mention friends and neighbors. They don't have horns or pointed tails. They are simply the men and women on the street who, by an act of God, lead the lives they do.

I am a World War II veteran and had the privilege of serving with a gay man although the word "gay" hadn't been invented yet but there were many other uncomplimentary adjectives. This man's name was William West. ...

I am not gay. I have been happily married to my high school sweetheart for 65 years. I have three children, three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. I am 84 years old. When the time comes for the final salute, I will be proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with William D. West and his friends.
When we win this, we'll be doing it in part on the heels of brave men like Miles Duckert and in the memory of those like his friend William West.

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At 6:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awww! I feel like a sap, but Mr Duckert's words bring a tear to my eye. I think we can and should all gather strength from his convictions. Nice blogging, Joshua. I appreciate the summary you give those of us who want to be updated but don't always have the time to read the news.


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