Milwaukee Dems Unanimously Oppose the Ban

The Milwaukee County Democrats came out strongly against the civil unions and marriage ban (pdf) this week. In a unanimous resolution, the local organization argues that the ban will hurt real people and damage economic growth:
The local Party specifically expressed concern that the amendment goes too far by not only banning (again) same-sex marriage, but also “foreclosing the possibility of civil unions.” Public polls have long showed strong support for civil unions and domestic partnership recognition while the country is divided on same-sex marriage.

“Democrats know that real people will be hurt by this amendment,” said Martha Love, Chair of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County. “Family members could be restricted from visiting their loved ones in the hospital, and there is a real chance that thousands of people could lose their health care benefits.”

According to the text of the resolution, Party members recognized that “people of good faith can stand opposed to immediate marriage rights for same-sex couples” but expressed concern that this amendment could “seriously jeopardize existing legal protections for unmarried couples.”

“Businesses in Wisconsin know that the most important thing for our economic growth is to be able to recruit and retain the best talent,” said Love. “This amendment makes our state less attractive to do business in, and that’s going to hurt real people who are looking for jobs and trying to raise their families.”

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