Minnesota Bishop Asks to Set Aside Marriage Legislation

Yesterday, the bishop of the largest denomination of Lutherans in the St. Paul, Minnesota area voiced his opposition to a proposed ban on marriage between gay and lesbian couples in that state because it would "hinder the civil rights of gay and lesbian people and do nothing to protect heterosexual marriage."

In this email to ministers in the St. Paul Area Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Bishop Peter Rogness wrote:
Not a single male/female marriage will be strengthened by the proposed amendment. Nothing in society is made unstable by a gay couple who decides to spend their lives together. Marriage between a man and a woman is among the highest gifts God has given to humankind. We can and should be strong advocates for strengthening traditional marriage. But we can do that without removing from gay couples the same rights others enjoy. The proposed legislation removes from same-gender couples certain civil rights available to opposite-gender couples. It does nothing either theologically or sociologically to defend heterosexual marriage. It simply negates certain rights for same-gender relationships. It is civil law that is not just or fair.
Bishop Rogness goes on to ask lawmakers to "set this ill-advised legislation aside."

In Wisconsin, the La Crosse Area Synod, the Greater Milwaukee Synod, and the South Central Wisconsin Synod of the ELCA have taken public stands against our civil unions and marriage ban.

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