Minnesota Eyes Wisconsin's Storm

Today, readers of the Minneapolis Star Tribune look to a couple in Wisconsin for insight on what it looks like to fight a civil unions and marriage ban. The story spotlights Madison couple Pam Kleiss and Salud Garcia, who moved from Seattle with their baby hoping they were moving to a state that was friendly to gay and lesbian people.
For Minnesotans, the campaign unfolding next door in Wisconsin may offer a preview of what to expect in a few months: an expensive, emotional political fight with no middle ground, and that could affect other political contests, including the governor's race.
If passed, the proposed ban in Minnesota is similar to Wisconsin’s in that it would also deny civil unions and threaten existing legal benefits couples have put in place.
"That second sentence is really mean-spirited and raises lots of questions about basic rights," said the Rev. Winton Boyd, a United Church of Christ minister in Madison who is Kleiss and Garcia's pastor and formerly served Lyndale United Church of Christ in south Minneapolis. "They may have overreached by thrusting this into questions of civil rights that go way beyond gay marriage. And in states like Wisconsin and Minnesota, that still means something."
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