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Every day we see mounting evidence that opposition to the civil unions and marriage ban unites folks who aren't, to put it lightly, typical political allies. More and more it's becoming clear that this campaign will bring together liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats, Libertarians and Greens. What we are seeing is anything but politics as usual.

On top of Gregg Underheim's speech from the Assembly floor and Jeff Wood's comment that the ban is "inconsistent with the purpose of our constitution," we now can add a column written by Frank Hennick, editorial page editor of the conservative Mendota Beacon:
Constitutions, at either the state or federal level, are generally meant to enumerate rights and restrict the scope of government. The Wisconsin Constitution grants citizens most of the same fundamental rights as its federal counterpart. These include such elemental liberties as free speech, the right to a trial, the right to assemble, and so forth.

If the [civil unions and marriage ban] passes, residents of the Badger State would also enjoy the all-important “right” to have their marriages safe from abomination-peddling activist judges. This is absurd. Such rubbish was never meant to compliment the cornerstone freedoms of a democratic society. Such a trivial measure, based solely on the prejudices of some citizens, simply does not deserve space in our state’s constitution, enshrined in the pantheon of rights handed down to us from the Enlightenment. . . .

Marriage does not need protection from the state, but when the state has become a tool of politically ambitious and fear-mongering legislators, the Wisconsin State Constitution does. The biggest loser in this farce – after homosexual Wisconsinites, of course – is the integrity of this document.

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At 2:28 PM, Anonymous Kent Walker said...

Hey, why did you delete the link to the Milwaukee Journal letters?

At 2:34 PM, Blogger Ingrid Ankerson said...

Hi Kent, the link's still there. Check two posts down...

At 7:55 PM, Anonymous Kent Walker said...

OK Ingrid. I thought it was in this post. Hmmm.. Yes I am crazy.

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