Ovadal: "Sykes Goes Psycho"

We've blogged about Ralph Ovadal before.

Now Ovadal is mad at Charlie Sykes, who recently wrote about the civil unions and marriage ban and encouraged conservative bloggers to weigh in about it. Ovadal is also still angry about a 1997 Sykes column about marriage for gay couples.

Action Wisconsin drew attention to Ovadal's activities back in 2003. We and former (gay community newspaper) InStep columnist Mike Fitzpatrick pointed out that a state senator attended the International Conference on Homo-Fascism.

Spivak & Bice later revealed that it was Sen. Tom Reynolds who attended. They also noted that Reynolds' print shop produces some of Ovadal's materials.

Action Wisconsin got sued by a lawyer with ties to Ovadal because we described what was said at the conference. A judge dismissed the lawsuit, ruling that our interpretation of the conference was reasonable.

Ovadal is now claiming that he and his group have distributed 78,000 of their flyers about the ban.


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