Polling the Conservative Bloggers, continued

Folks from the conservative side of the Wisconsin blogosphere continue to respond to Charlie Sykes' poll. Yesterday I gave a round-up of the responses, and today I have a few more. Again, if I missed any, please let me know.

Owen at Boots and Sabers is voting for the ban, but yesterday afternoon he kindly took note of our blog and the arguments we are raising in opposition:
Although I tend to disagree with them, they debate the issue with substance, thoughtfulness, respect, and civility. It is refreshing to read opposition arguments without being constantly told that I’m a homophobic bigot. I wish more people would debate at this level.
Milwaukee ID10T is on the fence and also takes note of the language surrounding the debate:
Then there are some of the posts, on both sides of the aisle, that are down right mean and unintelligent that have no purpose other than to feed someone’s worst fears... Comments and thoughts like this are not encouraging debate. The only things that this is encouraging are arguments and bickering.
And Texas Hold ‘Em who is also on the fence says he'll work internally to decide his vote but he's not blogging on the issue any more because of the responses he gets when he does:
Simply for expressing my views of homosexuality I have been called some of the most vile, nasty names and attacked in the most intensely personal terms.
All of these are great reminders that no one is winning any votes, friends, or allies by throwing out nasty remarks.

Blogger beer says he’s leaning for the ban because the issue doesn’t stir passion in him:
I have never advocated for [marriage for gay and lesbian couples], I have not studied deeply the pro and con positions. Given that, I do characterize my position as leaning for, not because I think I can be swayed into the anti-camp but because I am not going to push hard for it.
Holstein Grove is "one hundred percent" in favor of the ban (though he also confesses to Illinois residence, so I'm wondering if that disqualifies his vote):
...the thought of gay marriage reminds me of an episode of the Simpsons in which Homer ends up marrying the Sea Captain to a wooden mermaid and Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokel to a pig. How far fetched is that? Not very when you consider that once you remove the existing barriers on traditional marriage, the sky is the limit.
And From Where I Sit has fun working to prove that the slippery slope argument (which is what Holstein Grove uses above) is rather slippery itself.

Finally, Ask Me Later responds to the poll with the very poll he is responding to.

Sykes will announce the results of the poll this Saturday at the WisPolitics/WisOpinion Blog Summit which looks to be a well-attended and interesting event. I'll be there, and I look forward to meeting and hearing from my fellow bloggers. Who knows, maybe I'll even talk a few of them down from the fence and onto this side of the debate.



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