Standing Room Only

I knew that our campaign had support in Appleton, but I had no idea there was overflow, standing-in-the-hallways support.

That’s what I saw last night at our Appleton Kick Off – we actually had to take a break in between speakers to open up an overflow room so that everyone (over 100 people) could fit. Not only was the actual kick off fantastic, but we were also the first story on the 10 o’clock news, so everyone in the community could see the rooms full of everyday Wisconsinites coming together with church leaders and business leaders to learn more about how the ban will hurt Wisconsin.

I haven’t even worked with Fair Wisconsin for a full week and already I’m overwhelmed by the numbers of people who are spending their free time working to stop this ban. (In fact, if you count every person who volunteered at least once in 2005, the number would exceed 4,000.)

Today we’re off to Green Bay, then Stevens Point, and finally Wausau on day two of our week-long, statewide “Fair Wisconsin Kick-Off Tour.” I hope it will be as inspiring as last night was.



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